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Services Offered by Erika

 Speaker - Training Seminars - Coaching - Train the Trainer

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Hire Erika as a presenter:  

Erika is committed to delivering presentations and training that are unique, powerful, magical, and transformational, filled with helpful take-aways that will motivate your group to make positive changes.

All presentations can be customized to suit your group’s time requirements and address any unique challenges you may face.

A testimonial to Erika as a presenter: 


“Erika is a consummate presenter.  I have seen her present in front of an audience of 3,000 effectively, with confident elegance.  She is a highly skilled seminar and workshop leader.  She leaves her audience motivated and eager to put what they have learned into practice.” 

~ M. Anttila ~ 

Author, Seminar Leader, Entrepreneur

Training Seminars

Training Seminars (Live or Online)

Rising Higher

Rising Higher: 
Four Steps to Finding & Living Your Purpose

Erika’s Signature Training

This training addresses the age old questions of "Who Am I?" and "Why Do I Exist?" 

Erika’s goal is to help you discover your God-given purpose, so you can live your life with passion, joy, and fulfillment, void of guilt or apology, doing what God created you to do. 

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The following topics are covered in this training:

What God vs. Satan Says About You:  Satan speaks words of defeat over us, but God says we are unique, gifted, and chosen by Him to do great things – Learn how to stop the negative chatter that results from the things said or done to us, the things that stop us from doing what God created us to do


Personality Styles: Learning about the four personality styles will result in more acceptance and less judgment of self and others


Spiritual Gifts: Embracing our divine wiring; recognizing we are the conduit God flows through to bless others

Finding Purpose: Identifying our God-given passions; knowing what we’re here to do

Life Fulfillment: Living our best life; meaningfully making a difference


Love: We can be gifted and capable of performing great works, but without love it amounts to nothing - Love is an attribute of God himself and involves unselfish service to others

Testimonial from this life-changing seminar:

“For the past 30 years I’ve taken several courses in an attempt to find my purpose to no avail. The Rising Higher course nailed it. I finally know why God created me, and look forward to living my life using my gifts, and following the divine plan God has for my life.”  ~ J. Jordan ~

Rising Higher Testimonial Video

Next Rising Higher: Four Steps to Finding and Living Your Purpose Training:


Date Available: 30 August 2023 - 7 sessions - downloadable

Investment: $650 Cdn (Approx. $479 US) per person  

Enroll today and SAVE $150: $500 Cdn (Approx. $368 US) Offer ends soon!


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The Four Personality Styles

Can be customized to suit your audience.

Learning about the four personality styles’ strengths, needs, and stressors results in more acceptance and less judgment of self and others. Increasing your understanding of the people you encounter in your day-to-day activities will make it easier to communicate and connect with them in a meaningful way.

NOTE: This fun 2-hour seminar can be booked in the comfort of your home with friends or in your workplace - a minimum of eight participants is required. *

There will be a travel charge if you are more than 10 km away

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Next Four Personality Styles Online Webinar Training:

Date and Time: No sessions currently scheduled 

NOTE: All sessions will be recorded so you can view at your convenience

Investment: $100 Cdn per person

Corporate and in-home rates available based on number of participants being trained   

Enroll and Pay Below!

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Coaching by Erika

Your life has purpose

Your story is important

Your dreams count

Your voice matters

You were born to make an impact

~ Unknown ~

One-On-One Coaching

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Erika has lived through many upsetting and abusive situations that left her feeling unworthy, full of doubt, fear, and defeat. She knows what it takes to be a victorious overcomer, and has devoted her life to helping people remove barriers, blocks, and the negative self-talk that keeps them from living the abundant life God has for them.

Erika’s greatest passion is to encourage people to embrace their full potential by using the gifts and talents God has bestowed on them. Our God-given gifts help us impact and influence the people around us, she says, but often feelings of unworthiness and doubt creep in and stop us. This is where coaching will help remove the blocks, doubts, and fears, and move you forward with purpose and passion, to do what God has specifically gifted, equipped, and called you to do.

If you're not living an abundant life and feel lost, confused, stuck, or unworthy, Erika will share valuable tools that will help you build the life, career, business, or ministry that you desire. Are you ready to break through to your next level of impact and influence?

Contact Erika to book a free 30-minute coaching session today!

Train To Be A Trainer

Train To Be A Trainer

Become A Professional Trainer

Here is your chance to set up your own professional training company with everything you’ll need to get started.  Churches, corporate offices, and various groups all benefit from these teachings.

Rising Higher Trainer

  • Includes all training materials, handouts, worksheets, quizzes, and PowerPoint 

  • Includes a downloadable copy of the Rising Higher: Discovering Your Spiritual Gift DNA – A Roadmap to Your Purpose book

  • Includes ability to order, at a discount, paperback Rising Higher books to sell for profit

  • Includes training and one-on-one coaching from Erika Larsson

Book a time with Erika to discuss details

Personality Style Trainer

  • Includes all training materials, handouts, worksheets, quizzes, and PowerPoint 

  • Includes ability to order, at a discount, paperback “Live Out Loud: Living a Passionate Life on Purpose” and "Winning in Business: How to Identify and Influence the Four Personality Styles you Sell to, Serve, and Lead" books to sell for profit

  • Includes training and one-on-one coaching from Erika Larsson

Book a time with Erika to discuss details

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