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Meet Erika Larsson

Erika is a spirited trainer, author, speaker, and image consultant. Her greatest passion is encouraging people to embrace their full potential in using their God-given gifts, while living their lives on purpose.

She has designed workshops and coaching programs since 1990 and has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge and expertise with people who want to take their life and faith to the next level.

Erika trained as a professional image consultant with world-renowned Robert Panté. She also holds a diploma in advanced image consulting and corporate training from the London Image Institute, where she was declared ‘Student of the Year’.

While living in Victoria, British Columbia, she was recognized by the media as a key fashion authority and was regularly featured in newspaper and magazine articles. Erika was a weekly guest star on a province-wide morning TV talk show, offering fashion and accessory advice to her audiences. For a number of years, Erika also owned her own fashion boutique, where she offered her image consulting services to a loyal following of women.