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"I went to the workshop for fun and to gain pointers that I could use in business. Erika’s teaching delivered more than expected; it was so practical that I use what I learned on a daily basis. Her teaching helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and the behavioral traits of the different personality types, resulting in better relationships with my family, coworkers, and spouse. I’m able to appreciate our differences and can see the contribution that each one brings to my world. By understanding the people that I interact with, I’m better able to navigate through life without all the speed bumps."

~ L. Wise, CFO of Cement Distributors Inc.

“I was really excited to attend the Rising Higher seminar. Wow! It was amazing! Life changing for sure. Can’t wait to see what God has for me to use his gifts.”

~ K. Thompson, Loan Officer - Prime Lending

“Erika helped me clarify my gifts. I’ve been able to use the information I learned to launch myself out of “stuck mode.” My new level of clarity helps me to see myself and others in a positive light, giving me a newfound boldness to use my gifts to live the life I was created to live. Erika’s encouragement will inspire you to become all that God meant for you to be. I owe some of my most recent success to the wisdom I’ve gained from Erika’s teachings.”

~ J. Hylton, Wellness Advocate

“Erika has not only helped me interact with my clients and colleagues but with my friends and family. I never knew much about the four personality styles prior to meeting her. It has taught me a lot about my own personality and that of others. I am pleased to have this knowledge and feel better equipped to help my clients and loved ones by paying closer attention to their needs. Thank you, Erika, for sharing this knowledge in such a clear and concise way.”

~ S. Prest, Artist

“We were lucky enough to have Erika come into our company to provide training on the four personality styles! Right away we gained a deeper understanding of one another, and the different working styles we have. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses has helped us work better as a team. I would highly recommend any small (or large) business owner invest in this training! It has helped us build a more cohesive team.”

~ S. Talley – Loan Officer, Network Home Loans

“Erika is passionate about this topic and is truly inspiring in sharing a much-needed seminar on gifting and purpose.”

~ D. L. Thomsen, Healthy Lifestyle Coach

“I have been present at several functions where Erika was the speaker. On all of these occasions, she exhibited extraordinary communication and organizational skills and, what for me was unmatched knowledge and expertise in her profession.  Erika is an articulate, skilled, ‘Tell the truth’ speaker and is a professional who is totally committed to having people be the best that they can be. In my opinion, she stands beside the very best in her profession in North America.”

~ N. Stone, Professional Coach