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Erika opened my eyes and heart to my Give-given gifts and talents, and to live in the knowledge of these. Having new purpose to use my gifts and abilities to serve has been life-changing. Her teaching sheds new light on how to understand ourselves and others. Churches, families, and workplaces would greatly benefit from her teaching.”

~ M. Hirst ~

For the past 30 years I've taken several courses in an attempt to find my purpose to no avail. The Rising Higher course nailed it. I finally know why God created me, and look forward to living my life using my gifts and following the divine plan God has for my life.” 

~ J. Jordan ~

“I could feel hope rising again as I began to understand God's purpose and plan for my future and family. I can't thank you enough for sharing your teaching with us! Revolutionary! I have much greater insight and understanding of how ALL people are created by God intentionally!

~ M. Mills ~

God healed me and made me whole through the Rising Higher course. I'm finally comfortable in my own skin and accept who God made me to be. I now feel ready to be used by God as His conduit to do good works.”

~ A. Zhang ~

Erika is anointed to teach people who they are meant to be and how they are to be used to the best of their ability. These teachings assist people to focus on the gifts they have been give by God. Through a series of life events, she has learned valuable tools to help others on their spiritual journey and thereby avoid wasting time in other fruitless pursuits. Erika, what a wonderful gift you are to the body of Christ helping us to find our place of purpose!

~ C.Bistric ~

“I was really excited to attend the Rising Higher seminar. Wow! It was amazing! Life changing for sure. Can’t wait to see what God has for me to use his gifts.”

~ K. Thompson ~

“Erika helped me clarify my gifts. I've been able to use the information I learned to launch myself out of "stuck mode." My new level of clarity helps me to see myself and others in a positive light, giving me a newfound boldness to use my gifts to live the life I was created to live. Erika's encouragement will inspire you to become all that God meant for you to be. I owe some of my most recent success to the wisdom I've gained from Erika's teachings." 

~ J. Hylton ~

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