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"Who am I?"  and  "Why do I exist?"

Be a Kingdom influencer!


Rising Higher: Equipping Women to Find and Step Into Their God-Given Purpose

Are you living a purposeful life?


Or, are you living your life on auto-pilot, just surviving and existing, scared to follow your dreams, or do anything significant with your life?

In this short video Erika shares an easy way to discover your God-given purpose, so you can live the meaningful life God created for you to live.

Testimonial about this life-changing training:

Erika opened my eyes and heart to my God-given gifts and talents, and to live in the knowledge of these. Having new purpose to use my gifts and abilities to serve has been life-changing. Her teaching sheds new light on how to understand ourselves and others. Churches, families, and workplaces would greatly benefit from her teaching.”  ~ M. Hirst ~

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Live your life with
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