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Erika Larsson

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This site provides many tools (personality style assessment quiz, video blog, and downloads regarding personality styles and spiritual gifts) to help you discover your innate gifting, so you can live a passionate and purposeful life, without guilt, apology or a need to please others.


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Don’t stay stuck in a life that isn’t working  for you!

Taking this assessment will help you identify your personality style and your unique characteristics. You’ll be able to navigate your life with more joy and creativity as you use your inborn gifts to fulfill your life’s purpose.

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Services Offered by Erika

Hire Erika for presentations that educate, motivate, inspire, and engage your group today!

Are you looking for a speaker or trainer with passion and leadership who provides life-changing content?

Are you tired of having boring presenters?

Erika is anything but boring! She brings her energy and enthusiasm to all her interactions and is gifted at motivating people to take action.

She is committed to delivering presentations and training that are unique, powerful, magical and transformational, filled with helpful takeaways that will motivate your group to make positive changes.

All presentations can be customized to suit your group’s time requirements and address any unique challenges you may face.

For Training Seminars (live or online), and Coaching

Books by Erika

I’ve authored three books, ‘Rising Higher,’ ‘Live Out Loud,’ and ‘Winning in Business,’ that are meant to be a reference guide to understanding yourself and others so you can win in all areas of life.

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